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The Packaging division offers flexible protective packaging with air cushions, paper pads, packaging systems, loose-fill packaging materials, and their integration into existing packaging processes.







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Void Fill Solution Protective Packaging

Void fill is used to fill up the empty spaces in your packages and shipping boxes to make sure that the products stay in place and do not shift or move out of place.

Since it is a paper filler material, it has many advantages over plastic fillers as it helps absorb shock and is very powerful in protecting sensitive and delicate products, and not to forget, it is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Two of the Void fill packaging materials that Paramount offers are-

(A)  Fill Pack

The paper packaging material provided by Fill Pack makes your packages steady and prevents them from shifting out of the place during the transit. As a clean, efficient, reliable, and flexible solution, it is dispensed on-demand at high volumes, so less packaging material is required.

Fill Pack converts single-ply fanfold kraft paper at a high speed into a PaperStar configuration. This maximizes the volume for faster and more efficient void filling and allows for high-speed operations without any virtual downtime. The most intriguing part is that this system is so flexible that it can fit over all conveyer systems, and it also dispenses the void fill material directly into the box- this makes it extremely efficient for the ad-hoc appliances. Due to its unique design, the users can also stack and adhere the layers up to six-packs of paper.

Paramount Propack Pvt. Ltd. brings you packaging solutions through Ranpak that deals with all kinds of packaging, irrespective of the packaging size or the type of the products.

                Converter                                                                                         Paper Options

Cut Method- Automatic                                                                        30# Kraft

Weight- 413 lbs                                                                                        Bundle Length-1,660’

Dimensions- 35” x 93” x 38”                                                                  Bundle Width-30”

Power- 115 VAC, 60 Hz. 1.7 Amps                                                           Bundle Weight-43 lbs.

Feed Rate- 30” per second

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging
(B)   FillPak TT

The paper packaging material provided by FillPack TT makes your packages steady and prevents them from shifting out of the place during the transit. As a clean, efficient, reliable, and flexible solution, it is dispensed on-demand at high volumes, so less packaging material is required.

Just like Fill Pack, FillPack TT converts single-ply fanfold kraft paper at a high speed into a PaperStar configuration. But to add more to that, this feature of the FillPak TT packaging materials makes it best for protecting the products during shipment. This solution also assures packaging efficiency by placing the converter at several packaging stations, speeding operations, and it also saves on the material used and the cost.

Paramount Propack Pvt. Ltd. brings you packaging solutions through Ranpak that deals with all kinds of packaging, irrespective of the packaging size or the type of the products.

                Converter                                                                                         Paper Options

Cut Method- Manual Tear                                                                        30# Brown Kraft

Weight- 17 lbs                                                                                              Bundle Length-1,660’

Dimensions- 17’” x 21” x 13”                                                                        Bundle Width-15”

Power- 100/115 VAC                                                                                    Bundle Weight-22 lbs.

Feed Rate- 60” per second

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging

Cushioning is a process of providing a bedded layer to the products while packaging. Cushioning helps sensitive products stay in place and stay secure during their shipment. This process helps in making sure that the products are in good condition even after a long period of shipment and transit.

Paramount provides you the best range of cushioning materials for packaging, to make sure that the products get a comfortable and safe shipment and delivery. Cushioning also provides vibration and shock-absorbent properties significantly reducing broken box contents and subsequent returns.

(A)   PadPak LC

PadPack LC packaging paper is used to protect delicate and sensitive products that are being packed manually into the shipment boxes. This cushioning pad has high properties of shock absorption which ensures full protection while transiting. The PAdPak cushioning paper provides a thick layer around the product that almost feels like being wrapped up in a cushion.It provides protection to a variety of products, such as electronics. Automotive parts, paintings, surgery kits, etc.

Paramount provides an excellent packaging solution for your products to make sure they have a hassle-free shipment without any fear of the products getting dismantled or broken.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging
(B)   PadPak JR

Paramount also offers another cushioning option as a packaging solution, which is PadPak JR. This cushioning paper provides a soft and comforting shield to the products that are being packed into the shipping boxes manually. Just like PadPak LC, this cushioning material has shock absorbing properties with the help of the converter that uses the patent folding and stitching process to convert the paper into the shock absorbent paper pad. You can be sure that the products won’t move out of place with these cushioning materials. These types of cushioning paper pads are perfect for the products that require high protective shields around them, to protect them in the shipping boxes. Some of the examples of the products are- Electronics, Surgery Kits, Automotive parts, etc.

Paramount brings to you a great range of cushioning papers to make the products safe inside the packages and shipment boxes.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging

Wrapping the products is just like forming a protective layer to keep them safe and cover their outer layer. By wrapping the products, we are making sure that its outer layer won;t be harmed and would protect it from the minor handling incidents while transportation and shipping.

Paramount provides you with Geami WrapPak materials, to prove a safe wrap around the products and protect them from such challenges. It also ensures that the products are prevented from internal damage, which can result from the friction caused by the products when packed together.

(A)   Geami WrapPAk HV

Geami WrapPAk HV makes wrapping easy and quick, with the help of its converter that expands the die-cut paper into a 3D honeycomb structure, and that forms a unique material for wrapping the products in. This 3D structure ensures that the products have a thick yet soft layer of protection around them, preventing it from scratches or any other challenges that can happen while the products are in the shipping box. There is no need for adhesive tape or cutting the material while wrapping since its super feature and special cut technique allows us to lock the angled paper cells together, with no need for extra tapping or cutting.

This converter also has amazing wrapping speed, making the whole process of wrapping more efficient and less time-consuming. The no cutting or taping feature also reduces the storage, handling, and transport costs due to the small pre-pack dimensions.

Paramount provides you with extensive wrapping solutions to make your products as new as ever, as they get delivered to you.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging

(B)   Geami WrapPAk EXBox

Geami WrapPak EXBox is a very user-friendly and highly sustainable dispenser box that expands die-cut kraft paper into a 3D honeycomb structure. Wrapping protects against scratching, surface abrasion and minor handling incidents. It is sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging solution that prevents damage, including problems caused by internal impacts when multiple items are packed together.

Inflatable Geami Ex box

It is very important to provide a cooling layer to your products while they are in the shipping boxes. Keeping the perishable products fresh while it is in the process of transportation plays a crucial role.Paper l has highly competitive insulation value, and Cold Chain allows you to fully optimise this insulating power of the paper by using such materials.

(A)   WrapPak Protector Packaging Solution

This WrapPal Protector creates a wavy paper pad to solve various challenges of packaging environments and applications. These wide paper pads have a large surface area and can thus cover the whole box surface with just one insert.

This packaging solution can replace a wide range of existing packaging materials and packaging steps to cut down on extra efforts and steps involved in the whole process of packaging a product- It provides Wrapping, blocking-and-bracing, interleaving, and even thermal insulation within its other amazing functions.

Not to forget the fact that this converter is eco-friendly,and provides alternatives to plastic packaging.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging

Automated processes hold value for any business to help reduce the costs and provide faster and more efficient productivity. Automated Solutions for packaging play a very important role to support its efficiency and provide better solutions to the customers.

Paramount has come up with some solutions like this, to make packaging more productive and effective by using some powerful automated equipments.

We have a range of machines from Ranpak to make packaging easier and less time-consuming.

(A)   Form’it! Case

Form’it! Cases are used in a wide variety of industries ranging from graphic arts, consumer goods, beauty, healthcare, electronics, and much more. The Form’it! Carton erectors are capable to adapt to all situations and evolutions.

This range offers semi-automatic equipment, allowing low-cost automation, and suits a wide range of packaging dimensions.

It has a Double Magazine, Smart blank holding, and an Easily adjustable system.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging
(B)   Pad’it!

This amazing in-line automated solution cuts high-quality Ranpak paper pads and automatically places them into the shipping box before picking. It is a very convenient and easy to use packing machine that provides a padded layer to the box and prevents it from any damage.

It protects the box from the bottom and reduces the chances of its damage if it is dropped hard on the ground. Cutting down on further maintenance for the boxes, Pad’it! does the work of providing a comforting and protective layer to the boxes with its automatic system.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging
(C)   Form’it! Tray

Case forming has been made easier than ever with these automated solutions. FormIt’ Case Machine helps in providing packaging cases in the most efficient way, by an automated process. It makes the process of case formation easier by providing measured box case trays for a quicker process of packaging the products.

With correct sizes and dimensions, these forming cases are produced and formed without any requirements of manual labor. The automated machines make it less time consuming, cutting down on the manual labor costs, making packaging efficient and easy to implement.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging
(D)   Evo Cut’it!

The Evo CUt’it! The packaging machine is an automated solution to help pack the cartons with ease. This machine helps reduce the voids in the parcels before its shipment. This helps in cutting down on the shipments costs providing more benefits.

This machine automatically shortens the cartons according to their highest point of filling, and after that, it glues a lid on top of it to secure it in place. This automatic machine provides a less time-consuming packaging process and does the job efficiently.

It has a capacity of 900 boxes per hour and is also flexible to the change in sizes of the boxes.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging