We are Authorized distributor in all over Gujarat for RustX. RustX is the market leader of Corrosion Prevention Solution globally & manufacturing over 150 products in three manufacturing locations. USA, France & India. RustX caters to over 10000 customers with presence globally.

Rust-X USA patented technology of speedy moisture passivation has helped automotive, aerospace, engineering and heavy metals industry a great deal.

Rust-X USA manufactures wide range of lubricants, washing solutions, rust removers, 8 color printed films, desiccants, emitters and even corrosion engineers to the clients.

This enables customer perceive and rely on us for corrosion prevention and packaging needs ultimately providing a complete solution to the client.

Types Of Rust X

Rusting is the biggest disease for the steel or automotive component industry. Hi-Tech Internationals proprietory rust converters, help in the recovery of metal by converting the rust back to steel. Rusted components can be retained back by the process of rust removers, then neutralization and finally applying rust preventive oils.

Rust Remover RR-500

The PAPERplus® Classic paper cushioning system is the ideal protective packaging solution for heavy weight products. With paper pads, two ply paper, even heavy products can be securely blocked and braced in cartons and cushioned all around.

At the press of a button, PAPERplus® Classic produces robust, tear-resistant, but also flexible and highly malleable paper cushioning. Storopack customers can choose between the paper types PAPERplus® Standard and PAPERplus® GE as well as recycled paper and grass paper.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging

Rusted Part

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging

Dipped For Removal

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging

Rust Free After 3 Mins.

RUST-X 40 spray is a dual action product comprising

Thin film type rust preventive oil, which provides lubrication during use but dries to an invisible film after 5-10 minutes of application. This film is capable of providing short to long-term corrosion prevention depending upon the usage, packaging and the environment. Works well for steel, aluminum, iron, brass, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and other multi-metal, systems the penetrating property of the oil provides ability to loosen rust, stuck bolts, hinges and other mechanical pasts. This also reaches and lubricates crevices, voids and difficult to reach areas.

Inflatable Void Fill Packaging