We are Authorized distributor in all over Gujarat for tesa. Tesa As manufacture self-adhesive tape for industries such as Automotive and Electronics or any industries that require product and system solutions for optimizing production processes, making efficiencies and enhancing products while we also provide advanced customer service

Types Of Tesa

Adhesive Tape Solutions for Appliances

We offer numerous appliance adhesive tape solutions for mounting, injection, component marking, surface protection, secure transport, and much more.

Automotive Tapes and Solutions

Based on our vast experience and our excellent adhesive technology, we are experts in adhesive tape solutions for automotive customers.

Constructive Bonding in the Building Industry

Our adhesive tapes for the construction and building industry are a proven technology and provide flexibility in design, faster processes and a durable bond.


Our adhesive tape solutions for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TVs, OLED technologies, touch screen displays, wearable tech and other smart devices.

Health Markets

We offer a wide range of adhesive tape products for applications in the health markets as well as a special range of adhesive tapes specifically for the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.

Paper & Print

Paper or film splicing and flexographic plate mounting tapes are a few examples from our comprehensive range of adhesive tapes for web material production and processing.

Renewable Energies

We are dedicated to the renewable energy industry. Our experts in sales, engineering, and research and development are present around the globe, providing industry with proven adhesive solutions. Benefit from our expertise to make your goals a reality.

Vehicle Conversions

Drawing on our vast experience in the automotive industry, let us help you to deliver outstanding results in an efficient, clean and proven way with our innovative tape solutions for commercial and van conversions.

Transport Industry

As a leading global adhesive tape manufacturer, we develop and produce a wide range of adhesive solutions for the aviation, rail and marine industry.

Application Solution Center

The tesa Application Solution Center supports your company with research and development in finding the perfect tape and application solution for your individual requirements.


Strapping tapes for bundling and palletizing feature a very high tensile strength tear resistance and good adhesion to many different substrates.

Cloth, Duct and Gaffer tapes

Cloth tapes are ideal products for temporary repair applications. They can bond to rough surfaces and be removed quickly and cleanly after use.

Double Sided Tapes

Due to their high and long-lasting adhesive strength, double-sided adhesive tapes allow objects to be quickly and easily fixed to a wide range of different surfaces.

Functional Tapes

Functional tapes do more than just connect two objects to one another. These adhesive tapes feature additional properties like insulation, conductivity, grip, shielding, etc.

Glues & Cleaners

High-quality spray adhesives suitable for use on a wide range of materials as well as cleaners for surface preparation and removing residues.

Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are essential for painting and provide perfect, sharp edges – easy to use and removable without residue even from delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, for general purpose or high temperature masking applications.


Splicing tapes help to significantly optimize processes by ensuring rolls can be joined during operation without the risk of tearing or slowing the process down.

Surface Protection

Surface protection tapes are designed to protect surfaces from damage due to abrasion, debris, environmental elements, and more.

We offer professional tapes and solutions for nearly all outdoor painting and plastering work – to protect surfaces and cover cracks in subsurface, for example.

Our fastening range for mounting and floor laying makes quick and easy work of many tasks – from mounting mirrors or skirting boards to laying permanent flooring at home or other venues.

Masking and protection of surfaces – indoor or outdoor. We offer tailor-made assortments of high-quality adhesive tapes for professional painters.

We offer efficient masking and protection solutions for every standard application related to spray painting and automotive refinishing work.

Danger zones, pedestrian pathways, parking areas – the right marking is key. Use professional warning tapes from tesa for permanent or temporary labeling

Electrical installation calls for the right adhesive tape. tesa PVC insulating tape is ideal for cable insulation and meets international safety standards.

Our anti-slip tapes ensure maximum safety and help prevent falls or slips at construction sites, buildings, or other hazardous areas.